The 1Student 1Sport Policy




 What Is The 1Student 1Sport Policy?

  Answer : 
  1. The 1Student 1Sport policy makes it compulsory for each student to participate in at least one sports activity in school.
  2. Each student is required to be actively involved by participating in the school’s sports activity throughout the year.

Why Was This 1Student 1Sport Policy Established?

  Answer : 
  1. The 1Student 1Sport policy was established to enable every student to have access to the benefits of participating in sports, in particular for students who are less or not active;
  2. To develop sports in school towards increasing students’ level of participation in at least one type of sports in school; and
  3. To provide the opportunity to students with talent and potential to be developed further.

What Is The Objective Of The 1Student 1Sport Policy?

  Answer : 
  1. Increase physical fitness;
  2. Develop character, self esteem discipline and moral values;
  3. Foster racial unity;
  4. Develop a sports culture amongst students;
  5. To fulfill school children’s natural affinity for physical activities;
  6. To provide balance between academic and physical needs;
  7. To provide a platform towards sports excellence.

What Are The Factors To Be Considered Before The 1Student 1Sport Policy Can Be Implemented?

  Answer : 

Before the 1Student 1Sport Policy is carried out, it has to take into account these principles:

  1. Every student including special needs students without any health problems, will be required to take part in at least one type of sports;
  2. A student can take part in more than one sport according to his ability and the type of sports offered by the school, or that is carried out with the agreement of the school;
  3. The type of sports offered under the 1Student 1Sport must have elements of physical movements;
  4. Sports activities are held in school throughout the year in accordance with sports house or sports club activities. School athletic tournaments with cross country runs and sukan tara as leading events are core sports activities in school;
  5. This 1Student 1Sport Policy is based on the implementation of a high quality physical education as a subject;
  6. The most important aspect is active participation by all students in sports activities;
  7. Parents and external agencies/sports allies are encouraged to contribute towards the growth of school sports; and
  8. . Each school with existing infrastructure, facilities and equipment for sports must optimize its use to increase active participation of its students..