From The Headmaster

Guru Besar


Congratulations and I congratulate the SK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra ICT Unit for successfully developing the school website. In the era of globalization, schools need to respond to the development of new technologies. Hence, the development of this site opens the door to anyone interacting towards a better achievement.

As a leader in this school, I always strive to ensure that the school has a conducive atmosphere and learning climate to drive excellence. However, this effort requires the cooperation and commitment of all parties such as teachers, PTAs, parents and students. In addition, today's society needs to be more willing to use all the latest technology in the 21st century, especially in improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

I am confident of a school that is concerned with the success of its students, educators need to have the skills to develop human capital development among SKTARP students based on the National Education Philosophy. Educators should have clear direction and prioritize the activities of professionalism in order to have a high impact on the excellence of loved ones in academic, co-curriculum and personality.

I also hope that I can realize effective Instructional Leadership in this school by implementing comprehensive strategic planning, perfect curriculum management, conducting a constructive evaluation system and assessment and continuously cultivating professional development. Through the programs and activities undertaken throughout the year, I hope that SKTARP will continue to maintain excellent performance as well as the best schools in all field fields that are well-ventured in Padang Terap District or among schools nationwide.

Effective teaching involves the process of transferring knowledge by teachers as well as developing potential students. For pupils, learning is a process of collecting information and experience continuously. In this case, the integration of ICT in teaching and learning is expected to have multiple effects on students to produce creative and innovative students. E-mail, e-learning, video conferencing and various technological innovations allow pupils to get information in a short time.

Last but not least, it is my hope that school information can be disseminated through the school's current web site and technology and hopefully the info that will be displayed will be prolonged for reference. It is hoped that all parties will be able to use the site as best as a container between the school community and other parties. From time to time the internationalization program through the school website can be shared to achieve excellence in all areas.

Thank you.